The Menu 

Our menu is playful and creative. We offer a dessert that is unlike any other! We are all about offering our customers something new and different, providing our customers with a unique dining experience. If you interested in finding out more of what is on offer please drop us an email and we will send over our latest menu.

The Caravan

We wanted our trailer to look as good as our waffles and a gazebo just was not going to cut it, so we came up with the idea of converting an old caravan. It wasn’t the easiest of tasks but we love the result! We think she’s pretty unique. We have now converted a second caravan and we also have a gazebo for those events when the caravan won't fit.


We also run our own street food event in Birmingham called Seasonal Markets. A one day urban festival of the midlands best street food, craft ale, arts and crafts and food produce.